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Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by rebel49, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Hi All
    First and foremost I AM NOT in any way shape or form involved with this company other than I bought their product.
    I've used the Australian stripper clip chargers and they work okay, but don't have a very long life. And I'm not able to afford the cost of some of the limited few bench mag loaders. So when I seen the price on this I ordered one.
    I've given it about a dozen test drives and it is slick. It takes about 1-2 seconds to load 30 rounds into the mag. And it has a marking to add 12 more rounds for those of us that have the 42 round mags. It sure beats bloody thumbs and time.
    The company is just starting up and does make loaders for other than Steyr AUG. In fact I found out about this on another forum.

    Now Mod's if I stepped on toes or did something wrong feel free to delete this post. I'm just trying to inform my fellow AUG shooters that there is something out there that is reasonably priced and is a good product.
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    I have one of the original plate design AUG mag loaders. I just used it last two days ago. It works exceptionally well. Takes just a few seconds to load 30 or 42 rd mags.