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    So inrange did a travel match up in northern az so went out and ran the aug as well as the Tavor in the match back to back due to the size. Buddy did the same. I did have a L9A2 and my friend a 226 but no pistol targets this time. Only two stages. One firing from a tank trap before running to another then 3 prone points with two standing. 3 Silhouette targets per point except one that was 4 popers. Next stage was 5 targets from tank trap then prone on a hill followed fence cutouts with a final rifle spinner. I’m gonna upload the vids but here are a few pictures. I will say hands down the aug was easier and performed significant better for both of us. While trigger is better with the aug I didn’t find that to be much help on the clock and running. I did find the ergos to be better and the folding grip to help out. Monopoding was also easier. I have a x95 and desert tech mdrx that we plan to do the same to look at which of the 4 is best

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    I find the same, that the clear difference in quality of triggers when goofing around seem invisible when on a 3G stage. But I still buy good triggers...