aug a3 trigger job malfunction

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    Hi, for those member who uses trigger tamer on their Aug a3, what kind of issue have you encounter? I was testing a small.mod on my Aug a3 over the weekend. W regular tamer, it is fine before. I bent the trigger spring a little to see if I can get an even lighter trigger pull. Here are a couple things happened.
    1 during rack testing and dry fire, the trigger will not reset whenthere is any bend on the trigger spring. I had to rack it again w my trigger released to get the trigger to engage.

    So I unbend the spring back and test rest fine.

    2 during the range trip on sat, the Aug goes into 2rd burst mode when I pull the trigger and hold it hard. It was fun. Does this count as malfunction or a feature now?

    Has anyone experience this w the trigger tamer? I forgot to mention. I also have the neutrigger installed on my trigger pack.
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    If you pull out the hammer group and function test it, you will find the reason you should not soften the trigger spring is that it also doubles as the sear spring. So the reason it will not reset the trigger is that you have soften the spring so much the the spring cannot overcome the force needed to move the sear forward. Now if it does reset, you run the risk of shooting yourself or someone near you by bumping the rifle butt. It takes very little force to bounce the hammer out from under the sear and guess what happens then? It fires.

    I played with the TT and made some devices to duplicate the action and nothing worked to lower the trigger force without: 1) making the gun patently unsafe, 2) allowing the trigger to reset.

    If you reside in the States and your light trigger allows the gun to double fire, you better pack up and leave quick because someone will have noticed and if you are not licensed to have full auto, you will go to jail. Otherwise enjoy shooting. LOL

    If you want a better trigger, the best option is the Neu-trigger. Google it.


    PS the TT website actully has a legal disclaimer that his product will possibly cause the rifle to misfire. Not really sure why anyone would buy after the maker says you could go to jail but hey, what do I know.

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    Thanks. I have returned my setting to semi only now. But I was surprised to see what the malfunction produced. I thought it would just not rest and stop firing the next shot. But a lesson leant now.
    Don't mod the trigger group other than neutrigger or trigger tamer.
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    Neu trigger isn't the best option. Cheapest, yes. Best, no.

    By far the 2020 TSM is the best thing you can put in your hammer pack. Dramatically changes the feel and behavior of the gun.
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