Attachment rail modification M-40

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    I have had an early model M-40 (serial # 001XXX) several years and experienced the FTE and heavy trigger problems ... I put it up and seldom shot it thinking I would deal with it later. I found this forum and thanks to it and Jeff at SAI (Bless them) it now shoots flawlessly (after 600+ rounds of varied ammo). Now that I have retired I plan on doing a lot more shooting and have a question?

    Not being an expert on force/stress management, would there be safety or structural problems if I were to use a dremel or other such tool to cut the channel of the M-40s attachment rail and make it one continuous rail like the A1 models. I know this is a steel pistol with a polymer shell and don't see a problem (other then perhaps voiding any warranty if there is any left)

    Any advice, ideas, experiences with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Love these forums just not a great big poster ... Thanks
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    If you mean you'd like to cut it into picatinny rail dimensions, that's not going to happen.
    A picatinny rail is so much smaller that it would actually fit inside the Steyr's frame. So you'd need to cut off more material than there is. So there would be no "structure" any more and consequently zero structural strength.
    Also you'd need to cut some cross channels to make it a picatinny rail, but that's a moot point as there wouldn't be anything left to cut at that point, as I mentioned.

    Just cutting cutting the rail in to an "open channel" would achieve nothing, unless you are just trying to make your pistol look more like the newer model. No accessory would fit it, or at least would not stay on it.

    Also not sure what you mean by "steel pistol with a polymer shell".
    The grip frame is "all plastic" except for the rail inserts on top which fit inside the slide. There is no steel structure "hidden" under the plastic AFAIK.

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    Thank you ... I wasn't sure on this and thought it was wishful thinking ... I have several other pistols and was trying to think of a way to interchange equipment.

    I guess I didn't word it correctly about the steel pistol ... what I meant was that the "shootin'" parts are all steel ... the grip frame is all that is polymer ... my bad. Thanks for your time my friend.
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    Perhaps you could sell it and get a M-A1? The older M's are harder to find now and the A1's are $$cheap$$ from CDNN.
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    you worded it correctly. some-finn wasn't aware that the pistol has a steel sub-frame.

    the plastic grip serves only two functions: 1) grip. 2) magazine location.

    the pistol will infact function without the grip being installed. it's just impossible to hang on to it. and even more difficult to hold the next round in place for feeding. :D

    and just like some-finn said, as far as grinding up the front dust cover, you really won't achieve anything approaching a usable integrated rail. though you might have a very slick looking pistol if you did it for aethestic reasons. being pragmatic myself, i couldn't encourage this.
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    Thanks all ... I guess the best thing to do is get an A1, but I will keep this one too ... I t is one of the "best fitting" pistols I've had the pleasure of shooting. (and as you say BT I will leave it in original condition)