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At last I can hold my head high around here....

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Because I picked up my M9 yesterday from my FFL. Woohoo! Now I just need time to take it to the range :(

I know Steyr Club is a pretty new forum (in this form, anyway), but I'm already so impressed by the quality of its patrons - thanks, everybody, for the great information, the friendly atmosphere, and the political tolerance (this coming from somebody who is so politically centrist I seem to manage to tick everybody off!).

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Welcome, and congrats on your Steyr purchase.

I believe we have an unwritten rule around here, stating that all new owners must post a range report after their first round of shooting with their new pistol. So get out there and enjoy!
Yep, HiHo beat me to it.

Steyr Owner's are:

"Smarter than your average Glocker" :lol:
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