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View of a capital Tbilisi. My past work place and home where I leave are visible from here.

Another view of Tbilisi

Typical style for old part of Tbilisi

Tbilsi old district

Imereti, region where I am from.

Batumi, one of the main sea ports and excellent place for vacation

Sameba church. Built in 2005. Beleve me it looks very impressive now.

Zminda Sameba

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ancient underground city Vardzia

Romanov su,,er palace (valley of Borjomi) also nice place for vacation.

valley of Borjomi


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Mtskheta, not far from capital. My favorite place to rest from noisy city.

Mtskheta cathedral

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I spent a year and a half in Turkey, just down the Black Sea coast from Batumi, way back when Georgia was still part of the USSR. Occasionally, we would go "camping" a little closer to the border. That area is a beautiful (and rugged) part of the world.


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CGuns said:
WOW! Thank you so much for sharing! Those are excellent photos.

At the Sea Port for vacations, to people go there for fishing? How is the fishing in this region?

Best regards, CGuns

P.S. Thanks again!
well actully if you like fishing in the open sea it is ni problem but Black sea is cionsidered as dead sea because there is no life under 200m. There are sulfur springs on the bottom of the sea, I dont know how it affets fishes, there are fishing vessels cruising in the sea.
I think fishing in river will be more interesting. A good friend of mine is a good fisherman and he knows all the places all over georgia where you can fish. In Georgia are plenty of rivers and lakes (more than thousand), there must be cool places to fish.
I personally have no time for such hobby, I can hardly find couple of hours to go to range located inside the city.
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