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Excellent article IDPASteyr =D>

two additions.
One is directly what you told me about Clint Smith's appraisal of the gun. For those of you who don't know Clint Smith is the owner of Thunder Ranch, both the facility and the man are widely regarded as number 1 in the business, he is also a die-hard 1911 .45 ACP loyalist.

He said he "would not feel undergunned working with these two and their M9's in the field".

Two is something Massad Ayoob said to me at a match about two months ago. He is also a top gun writer and instructor and probably the best expert at studying cases of actual shootings and what happens in real life instances.

It was my first time shooting on his squad and as I step up to the line and "load and make ready" he says, "excellent choice in weapons, I'm surprised I haven't seen more Steyrs in IDPA" with sincere enthusiasm. He also asked to take pictures of me using it and was actually surprised to see me using the manual safety. His thought was that it's too unconventional for most people to get used to, I just said it was my first pistol and what I train w/ and carry so disengaging it is automatic to me.

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That article should be required reading for Steyr-Mannlicher engineers.

If Steyr was truely smart they would fly you out to Austria and have you give them some tips for making their next generation pistol. I found it interesting that you cut to length your own spring for the extractor and wonder if Steyr has given any consideration to adding a stronger spring in the M-series or A1?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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