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Today my long awaited Fenix LOP arrived. I am very impressed with the output of the light and the quality of the materials and finish, and how smooth the head works in the threads back and forth.

The switch is the head; just screwing it into the body stop will ignite the torch.
It can be used in candle mode, and it compares in size favorably with my regular EDC, the ARC AAA that I have used for a long time.

I had believed that the ARC was the ultimate small torch, and it is only today when I have to change my mind.

Well, this is not intended to be a review; I am sure somebody else with more knowledge will come along soon to give you a full review once these lights start arriving.

But I took one picture comparing the output of the ARC AAA to the Fenix LOP so you have an idea of what to expect from the light.

Also it passed my water glass test without issues.

I contacted Chevrofreak and asked his permission to post his run time test, so here it is.
He said that he did the test with a fully charged battery and the light registered 180 LUX with that one and 150 LUX with the one that was in the torch (although he said that the reading is probably exaggerated because his meter read 15 to 20 % higher).

Best regards to all!
Black Bear
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