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Armorers Tips !!

To help you identify which barrel you have.

A Left-hand thread pattern or a Right Hand thread pattern.

A standard barrel is 13×1LH and has a larger Check Nut and only has a spot for the wrench .

USA barrel is 1/2×28 RH , The check-nut is half the size of the Standard. there is a groove cut along with the wrench flat, there is also a matching groove on the muzzle device.
If your barrel does not have a muzzle device the best way to tell is to look at the threaded end.

A USA barrel 1/2×28RH Has a groove cut at the end of the barrel behind the threads It also only has about half an inch of threads that are exposed
A standard barrel which is 13×1LH , has a shoulder of half an inch then it will have the exposed threads .
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