Armed Women 3, Bad Guys 0

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Netfotoj, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Cam Edwards at tells about three women who were armed and ready when the bad guys came calling. Lady in Darlington, SC, only had to show her gun to send intruder on his way swiftly. Another lady in Indianapolis shot and killed a bad guy as he was breaking down her door.

    The third incident occurred soon after a wife and mother finally listened to her husband and made her first trip to the pistol range. Just in time.

    My sweet wife has promised to join me at the range tomorrow and I'm going to hold her to it.
  2. Women are strong growing demographic among new gun owners.

    I'm glad too, because we need all the voters we can muster.

    I wish my girlfriend would take an interest in firearms, but she is still very scared of them despite everything I keep telling her about their safe use. She wont even touch my pistol when its empty let alone go to a range to fire it.

    Right now she just carries mace and I have my GSD at home to protect her, but other than that....

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    Good to see women getting into shooting and aware of the realities of it, not just the perception of firearms. I've gotten my fiance out to the range a few times and she actually enjoyed it, much to her surprise. She's not going for a CCW or anything, but she now knows how to handle my MA1 comfortably and confidently.
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    Shame the women in story #3 wasn't a better shot.......though I'd say it's a safe bet she practices more now :wink:
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    So far, the number of women I've taken to the range outnumber the men!

    Just had my mother and little sister and her husband out last week, all of them enjoyed my toys.. mom even put a load of 12GA shot downrange like it was nothing!

    Nobody likes my P3AT but me, of course.. Golden Saber out of a 2.7in barrel is particularly unpleasant in an indoor range :lol:
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    Ain't it the truth. My Rohrbaugh spittin' Gold Dots out of the 2.9" barrel is hard on the ears and the hand - though the flash isn't bad.

    Anyway, you all familiar with the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog? Lots of good news there about the proper application of the 2nd A:

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    Last time I was at the range this ghetto looking guy brought his friend and his friend's girlfriend to shoot his shotgun. After the two guys shot some 30 rounds or so, they showed the girl how to shoot.

    Her first 3 shots at 10 yards were in the same hole! The boyfriend goes, "I better be good around her!"

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    When I was down in SC a couple of weeks ago, I took a woman friend of mine gun shopping. She has a Beretta Jetfire .25 she got from her ex-husband years ago but she didn't even have a round in the chamber, much less know how to put one there nor did she know that it was SA and needed to be cocked in locked. All on top of the fact that .25 ACP is a crap round. She was treating it more as a security blanket, hoping merely showing it would scare a would-be attacker off. She is not stupid, nor oblivious to her safety... It was just easier for her to keep doing what she was doing.

    She ended up choosing a used engraved S&W Walther PPK/S (because she the custom wood grips felt good, not because it was engraved) but then she didn't buy it. She says she plans on buying it soon. I hope so. I am eager to teach her how to draw from concealment and shoot it well. Unfortunately, we only go down to visit once a year or so.

    I am trying to get my partner to come with me to one of the weekly Monday night training classes put on at the local range. They are intense two hour sessions. The last one I was at we worked on trigger control, drawing, shooting from retention, drawing and transfering to off hand, etc. My partner showed mild interest. She is a good shot but doesn't particularly like shooting enough to seek it out. I need to buy her three more mags for her gun, a mag holder and a belt before she will have a full rig. And if she doesn't use it, I will. Her 3913 is easier to conceal than an M-A1.
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    Uh, I presume that is an old photo of Venus :shock: