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Just finally got my Steyr S9-A1 used from Cabela's after looking for a months.

Ruger SR 9 mags fit perfectly! Just need to use a dremel cut-off wheel and a small file to square and clean up the new notch you'd have to cut for the mag release.
Did it with 7 of my sr9 mags. They are the identical mags. Just a different floorplate. They lock in perfectly!
Come in 10 rd, 17 rd, and a promag 32 rd mag.

The 10rd Sr9 mags DO NOT FIT due to the different floorplate I just mentioned. Only the 17rd fits. Just need a sleeve.

With the 32 rd promag, you'll need to file down the follower a little to match how the round seats against it and just bend the retaining lips inward just a smidge, otherwise you'll get double feeds.

The ruger sr9 mag sleeves also can be trimmed down to match the contour of the Steyr grip. Looks and feels better than the 3d printed sleeves you can find on ebay.

Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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