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Are these aftermarket extended magazines OK?

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Just a short video about round counts you can play while brewing coffee or something.
Has anyone tried their aftermarket products? I found them while looking to buy some more magazines for 357 just for the cool factor of having it stamped but they're $40/ea on official website but if I could have 20-rounder for the same price I would like to go that way as long as they work fine.

I can only assume they make extended magazines for such unpopular gun like Steyr pistols because they're local to Steyr USA.
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I haven't tried them personally but from what I've heard they are really bad. I can't confirm but Ive heard that they are pro mags made for another gun with the mag catch cut added in so it will fit a steyr.
Promag Browning Hi Power mags fit and lock up with no modification. Function requires cutting a small notch between the feed lips on the rear wall of the mag.

Reliable function in the one I have required switching to a Steyr mag follower and a Wolff extra power spring for a Glock 33 round mag.
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Don't buy them they don't WORK !!!
Joe's pawn shop was talked about some time ago and it was NOT GOOD AT ALL..
If you what a Extended magazine for the Steyr you can use Smith and Wesson M and P mags and modify them to work . Tnsteyr has the information on his Facebook page and Has talked about in his videos
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FWIW, I had no luck in any of my Steyrs with getting reliable fxn of any retrofitted “other” magazines.
It's a trap, don't do it. I bought two 20rd mags and one 30rd mag. The 20rd mags are just Mec-gar Browning hi-power mags with a new mag catch window cut. The 30rd is a promag that's been modified the same way. The Mec-gar mags do feed well enough, but there's no last round bolt hold open. The promag won't feed at all and causes the most atrocious malfunctions. I even installed a stronger Wolff spring and it only seemed to make everything worse. Even if the promag did work, it wont engage the slide catch either. Steyr has the 17rd A1 mags in stock right now. They're pricey but it's about the only way I've found to get reliably functioning mags that also engage the slide catch on the last round.
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fyi, it seems like Steyr changed the shape of the mag release. As such, BHP mags will not lock in place on L9-A1 models or any gen 4s with the longer mag release button.
Just finally got my Steyr S9-A1 used from Cabela's after looking for a months.

Ruger SR 9 mags fit perfectly! Just need to use a dremel cut-off wheel and a small file to square and clean up the new notch you'd have to cut for the mag release.
Did it with 7 of my sr9 mags. They are the identical mags. Just a different floorplate. They lock in perfectly!
Come in 10 rd, 17 rd, and a promag 32 rd mag.

The 10rd Sr9 mags DO NOT FIT due to the different floorplate I just mentioned. Only the 17rd fits. Just need a sleeve.

With the 32 rd promag, you'll need to file down the follower a little to match how the round seats against it and just bend the retaining lips inward just a smidge, otherwise you'll get double feeds.

The ruger sr9 mag sleeves also can be trimmed down to match the contour of the Steyr grip. Looks and feels better than the 3d printed sleeves you can find on ebay.

Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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How well do the SR9 mags function? I’ve had other mags lock in fine, and feed most rounds, but in the end the reliability was maybe 80%-90% or so, which means unusable for a match or anything more serious.
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