Are these aftermarket extended magazines OK?

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    Just a short video about round counts you can play while brewing coffee or something.
    Has anyone tried their aftermarket products? I found them while looking to buy some more magazines for 357 just for the cool factor of having it stamped but they're $40/ea on official website but if I could have 20-rounder for the same price I would like to go that way as long as they work fine.

    I can only assume they make extended magazines for such unpopular gun like Steyr pistols because they're local to Steyr USA.
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    I haven't tried them personally but from what I've heard they are really bad. I can't confirm but Ive heard that they are pro mags made for another gun with the mag catch cut added in so it will fit a steyr.

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    Promag Browning Hi Power mags fit and lock up with no modification. Function requires cutting a small notch between the feed lips on the rear wall of the mag.

    Reliable function in the one I have required switching to a Steyr mag follower and a Wolff extra power spring for a Glock 33 round mag.
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    Don't buy them they don't WORK !!!
    Joe's pawn shop was talked about some time ago and it was NOT GOOD AT ALL..
    If you what a Extended magazine for the Steyr you can use Smith and Wesson M and P mags and modify them to work . Tnsteyr has the information on his Facebook page and Has talked about in his videos
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    FWIW, I had no luck in any of my Steyrs with getting reliable fxn of any retrofitted “other” magazines.