Are Gun Shows Obsolete in the Internet Age?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ministerofdeath, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Well I went to my local gun show and I think this will be the last time in awhile that I make it out to one. I kept finding myself saying, "Man, I know where I can get that on the internet for $100.00 less than they are asking!"

    Perfect example is I came upon a Steyr AUG-A2 rifle that was in less than stellar shape and the dealer was asking $7,000.00 for it. Now, I've seen AUG A-2s for sale at half that price on the internet and most times with extra parts and magazines. This dealer wanted $7,000.00 for his AUG and it looked like it had been scratched and dropped more times than a French rifle. :D

    I did see a very cool Gewehr Rifle with a Mannlicher action, but it was made in Budapest, Hungary. Still, it had original Reich Stamps on it and they were asking a very reasonable $800.00 for it. I was very tempted, but I'm trying to stay away from antique rifles for awhile and spend my money for practical defense. However, if it had been made in Austria by Steyr Mannlicher and had original Waffen SS stamps on it I would have bought it in a heart beat at that price. Most rifles with those Reich or SS markings were either destroyed or had the markings scratched off after the war to serve in Warsaw countries.

    All-in-all a lot of junked and very used weapons that were over priced compared to what I could find online. Not a single Steyr pistol or rifle for that matter to be found. I did find one dealer with Steyr pistol mags, but they were the 10 rounders and he wanted $25.00 for them...ya right. So, it was fun being around gun folks and talking about firearms, but this is the second time I've been to a gun show and found nothing worth buying. :cry: I'll stick with the net and my FFL transfer fees so I can save money. With all the firearms companies online its like a 24/7 gun show with a lot better prices and firearms to choose from.
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    I absolutely agree - I've yet to find a bargin at a show that I couldn't beat with google and 10 minutes. I go mostly for the experience - like you said, it's fun to be around all the people. I also go to handle the weapons, as your not going to find a local shop with that much stock. I hate to admit it, but I'm also the jerk that goes to the shows to dryfire a lot of other people's guns to see what the triggers are like. They all frown on that, but hey - I'm not buying something until I know what the trigger feels like.

    Ammo, however, I do find at shows at better-than-internet prices (mostly because of shipping). Especially the Winchester Ranger line.

  3. Well, I'll second that about when it comes to Steyr pistols although I have seen some deals on there for various rifles.
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    I'm new here. I should have an M40 in about a week. I got it from Auction Arms. They have the best prices on the net,followed by gunbroker. Last is gunsamerica. Whatever you want they more than likely will have,but at what I consider above retail. I agree about the shows. I've had my C&R f/about 10 years now,and even w/milsurp,the days of the reasonably priced guns is gone. We used to go to a show w/$200 knowing that we would come home w/something off of the wish list. Now that seems to be for ammo,holsters,etc. Don't get me wrong, I'll still go,you do still find great deals (my off duty .44spl :wink: )But there seems to be many more folks out there who sell guns like whatever they can get. On the other hand... when you find the deal you want,it makes it that much better !
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    I got my steyr for 325 on gunsamerica, i thought that was a good deal. I like going to the shows to get a feel for the guns, too. I dont ever buy stuff, usually.
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    here in Houston shows can be very good.
    Sometimes the prices are equal to wholesale.

    Ammo is usually decent, accessories can be high as is cleaning supplies.
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    guns show bonus

    One nice thing about the last gun show i went to, find what you want, hand over the money, and walk away. no paper work is king....
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    I'm in total agreement with the no paperwork thing. The more guns I have that Uncle Sam doesn't know about, the better. I'm even willing to pay a little more for a gun if I can get it as a private sale with no transfer paperwork...just have to be sure to run the numbers on the gun to be sure yer not getting a stolen gun (or one used in a crime, etc).

    Not that I'm a paranoid or anything, but with the extreme swings our government has undergone in the past few administration changes, I'm expecting a huge leftward shift in the coming years and I'm just more comfortable with Big Brother not knowing exactly what I have.

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    "Sorry Mr. ATF, I sold all those. you know how tight money gets when the lib-tards return to office. Hey hows that new pay raise by the way?"

    pffft :roll:
  10. Hey MR.'re right about that ammunition thing being cheaper at the gun shows than online.

    I couldn't agree more about the nice advantage of buying a weapon for cash without any paper trail. I smiled for weeks after the AWB expired, but lately I've been having a bad feeling that there are dark clouds on the horizon. I mean if (God forbid) Hillary was elected president she would make the BATF look like the Gestapo and we'd be stuck buying airsoft guns like in the UK (which is just plain sad).

    Hell, I'd let people buy anti-tank weapons if I had it my way.
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    an armed society is a polite society....too bad they dont teach the important stuff in school anymore.[/u]