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AR project...advice please

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Hi all,

I'm starting to get interested in an AR project. Been reading things over on really i get the feeling that pretty much everyone over there is way more advanced in gunsmithing than I am. Has anyone here built their own AR? much experience did you have with the guns before you decided to build one? I guess i could just go out and buy an AR, but I would like to build one i can spread out the purchases a the wallet. But i also don't want to get started, and then not be able to get it to work...

any advice?...any references i should look up?


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Be confident, Ranger...Figger that recruits can break the things down in less than 10 seconds in the dark with one hand, and they get only 8 weeks to learn. It's an amazingly ergonomic design and has few parts to familiarize yourself with.
As always, follow the advice Mr. A gives: Study. I'll bet within a few days you'll know a lot more than you thought you could.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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