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AR project...advice please

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Hi all,

I'm starting to get interested in an AR project. Been reading things over on really i get the feeling that pretty much everyone over there is way more advanced in gunsmithing than I am. Has anyone here built their own AR? much experience did you have with the guns before you decided to build one? I guess i could just go out and buy an AR, but I would like to build one i can spread out the purchases a the wallet. But i also don't want to get started, and then not be able to get it to work...

any advice?...any references i should look up?


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Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the input guys,

MrApathy, good to see you! I've missed your sage wisdom.

I have done a number of searches, read a lot of posts and instructions, but in most cases there is so much assumed...i.e. they assume you know what every little pin is called, and acronyms etc... I guess i will probably need to take my time and read a lot more. No is an idea at this point...not a i can take as much time as needed to get up to speed on the subject.

And Hushh....that is another option for buy a complete one and learn from that what I like and dislike, and how it all fits together.

thanks again.
Excellent info, thanks

Thanks again for the info and advice Mr A....I'm pretty sure i can handle the tinker toys and errector sets, used to be quite proficient with lego's in my youth as well... :lol: ...Seriously though, with enough info ahead of time, i'm pretty sure i can make it work. The leads you have given me will be a great help.

more than a few days....

yep....i sort of figured that if the military folk can break them down that fast...i can probably learn to do it without the time limits...

It will be more than a few days before i am up to speed...just got tossed one of life's little curveballs....but i will get there at some point....
I wish i knew someone with one

Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has one....amongst friends and family, not too many people into the firearms like I am. I'll just take my my money....and when it all comes down to it....I will probably just buy complete upper and lower for my first AR...would be fun to build from ground up...but that may be more than i am ready to bite off on a first try.

thanks for the advice,
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