Anyone wanting a Short Grip M-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by mugdava, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Hey All!

    About a month ago I converted a M357-A1 into what I called a Longslide Compact. There were one or two Steyrclub members that expressed interest in such a conversion, but I didn't like the idea of tinkering w/ anothers pistol. So I emailed David Bowie of Bowie Tactical Concepts("BTC") and asked if that was something He'd want to undertake, being as He's doing it to Glocks and others already. He said it would be no problem and it would only cost $70 for the "SG" conversion. I'm guessing You'd need to supply Your own S mags, but they're easy enough to get.

    I also asked about Trigger Jobs for the Steyr M & M-A1 pistols and David said He'd look into it. I'd bet the more people that contacted Him about it, the more the chances increase! :wink: I'm dreaming of a "BTC" M357-A1!

    Check out some of the stuff "BTC" does here:

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    Interesting. Maybe you've found what many have been wanting, somebody who will customize our beloved M and S series pistols. I know there's a least two or three members who have already expressed interest on trigger jobs and you can add me to that list.

    As soon as you get a response from Bowie on trigger work, let us know. I've got a couple to go, M357-A1 and M9-A1, and I sent a request to Bowie to see what he says. :mrgreen:

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    Very tempting. May have to pick up another and go the short route.
    Thanks for the info Mug.