Anyone use any BladeTech stuff?

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by hihoslva, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Looking for opinions. Seems they have nearly all their kydex holsters available for the M9. I think we've safely determined that M9 holsters are fine for the S9, too - just 1/2" of space at the end of the barrel.

    Their Ultimate Concealment model looks interesting:

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    Bladetech makes great holsters. Top of the line for Kydex holsters.

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    If you like Blade-tech, take a look at Grandfather Oak holsters ( Their stuff like Blade-Tech-like but priced even better. Plus Mr. David Stillwell is great to do business with. My OWB Quick Companion holster shipped quickly and fits my M9 great.
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    I can second the recommendation for Grandfather Oak Custom Carry. The owner, David Stillwell has done some custom work for me and is an extremely nice guy that I've had the pleasure of going to lunch with several times. He has a great reputation for his products.

    He IS a Steyr owner as well. Their stuff is made 45 minutes from my house in Roxboro, NC.

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    I have looked at the Grandfather Oak website before. It does look like he makes a nice holster. I would like to see one in person some time.
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    I'm currrently waiting on a blade-tech for my M.
    Wait time is horrendous! been one week more than the quoted and when i called they had a line set up for status queries w/ a recording...

    "due to a large number of High priority orders from oversees military personell, all other custom orders are currently delayed, please leave name, order number, bla, blah, blah... and we will contact you w/ current wait times"

    my holster is now scheduled for 4/11 shipment.

    Grandfatheroak is making one for my wifes RugerSP101 right now and quoted a 2.5 week turnaround (BT's 4 weeks turned into 6). It's also half the price and he offers a $3 discount to GT steyrclub guys, and i presume now this forum also (he gave it to me when i told him about this forum, and look under user names, you'll see him w/ no posts, but registered).

    He is also dropping it a bit for the wife as her uncle mikes makes her feel like she is drawing from her armpit and women specific holsters all state that they ride lower.

    I've heard nothing but great things about both quality wise!

    I'll compare and contrast the two when i get them.