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Anyone know

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What model or size number of Uncle Mikes holsters will fit the MA1?

The size 21 will fit the old M series. But with the new enlarged dust cover I don't think the size 21 will fit the MA1.

My MA1 is out right now getting a another custom holster made.

If Uncle Mikes has a size that fits I might be in luck on the cheap.
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I think mine is a #15, I'll post a pic tonight and you can see if it would work.
UM #15 fits

Uncle Mike's Sidekick w/mag pouch #15 fits my S9 with enough retention that the thumb straps were not needed. An M looks like it would just fit inside without poking out the bottom.
I can't stand the holster though WAY too thick IWB and flops around alot OWB even with a UM 2" nylon belt. Quite handy to protect the gun and have a spare mag somewhere other than on your person.

I was hoping I could find an Uncle Mikes duty holster to use UNTIL somone like safariland decides to make something for the MA1
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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