Anybody Want Some Gift Cards?

Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by jwl3715, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. jwl3715

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    Hey all,
    New member but been lurking for a while. Read a recommendation for this site on THR and like what I see. Was first introduced to Steyrs a couple years ago through a friend and comfirmed my interest when I handled one again at the NRA convention in Milwaukee. Got my heart set on an M40 A1 but have a dilema.

    Managed to collect enough gift cards to a major sporting goods chain to afford a Steyr (xmas) but it turns out they don't carry them and would want $200 more than CDNN for a special order. I tried to entice a couple guys on gunbroker to trade but no bites. So now I'm in search of someone to take these off my hands so I can put in an order to CDNN.

    Quick question regarding the CDNN guns - if they're generally old stock, what chance to I have of getting one with the upgraded extractor etc? If not, will Steyr install?

    Anyway, wish me luck. Will let you know when I get one a get it to the range the first time. Can't wait.

  2. heavymetalmachine

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    Sell the gift cards on ebay :pray:

    As for SAI YES they will..... My M9-A1 came from CDNN no trouble out of the gun just got a mag with a short spring :naughty: :naughty:

  3. jwl3715

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    Well, finally got them converted and ordered my M40-A1 from CDNN. It arrived today and I love it. :party: It feels great (as expected). Manufactured in October 05. Gonna clean it per instructions and get some good break in ammo. Can't want to range test it but it was like 35 below here yesterday with wind chill. :shock: As much as I'm sure everyone would appreciate a cold weather test, I'm not sure I can handle it. Either way, I'm stoked! Will let everybody know how it goes when I get out there and try it out.
  4. Garys4598

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    Hello jwl3715 and welcome to the Steyr M-A1 owner's club! :party:

    For what it may be worth, my recently purchased M40-A1 pistol has a manufacturer's date of April 2005 and after firing 100rnds through it, I needed to send it to SAI in Georgia because it was experiencing FTEs and vertical ejections.

    Anyway, SAI updated the necessary components (i.e., exchanged the extractor, the extractor spring, etc., for newer more robust components) and I should now be good to go. I say "should be" because I just got the gun back and have yet to fire it again out at the range.

    Perhaps your experience will be different! For all we know you're pistol is "good to go" and won't need to receive the administrations of Jeff at SAI. Here's to crossing our fingers!!! :)