Anybody try TruGlo Sure Sights on Glocks? Steyr type NS!

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Apr 18, 2005.

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    Yes I know this is a Steyr site but bear with me this makes sense really.

    The two main advantages Steyr has over Glock for compact 9mms, in my opinion at least, are the trigger and the sight picture.

    Can get a 3.5lb trigger job and an overtravel stop plus do a $0.25 trigger job to at least get close on the trigger but those darn sights are still not as good.

    So I happened to see TruGlo is offering the "Sure Sight" fiber optic night sight here ... _sight.asp

    Which is about as close to Steyr-style night sights as I've seen. Anybody any experiencs with these or indeed any of the TruGlo fiber optics?

    Of course even after putting all those on a G19 you still have a $600+ less well balanced version of a $289 S9 but hey it has five more rounds! 8)
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    Ah heck, G's got trap sights now, what is the world comming to?

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    another sight company

    There is another Trap-like sight out there.....saw it in the latest Shotgun news....will try to find the link tonight when i get home. It looks better than this triangle truglow thing me anyway.
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    To some of us the Steyr feels a lot better in the hand. I carry my G19 CCW religiously, but firing that thing is like trying to love a 2X4... as in there is no love returned.

    The Steyr is much more grip friendly, especially the S series.

    YMMV of course.

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    Re: Anybody try TruGlo Sure Sights on Glocks? Steyr type NS

    A G19 only holds 15 that's only one more than my Steyr!
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    Well sure but that means you either have an M9 or are using the prosthetic magazine from one in the S9.

    Let's be fair here and say that heck a G19 CAN hold 17 or even 33 rounds if you want to ignore what's made to fit it flush.

    Jeez a throw away line with a big grin smiley pointing out that even with these things the Glock is twice as expensive and not as well balanced and anyone would think I'd spat on Herr Bubits in public. The whole darned point of the post was trying to turn a Glock into a ersatz Steyr. We don't need to get THAT touchy about brand X Austrian polymer surely?

    Well OK maybe once in a while yes we do :twisted:

    But back to the question - anyone tried fiber optic sights? Know of any other trap style night sights?
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    Re: Anybody try TruGlo Sure Sights on Glocks? Steyr type NS

    Those TruGlo sights are spiffy-looking as you please all right. Trouble is, that front sight looks like it wants nothing more than to snag on my clothing and lacerate my arm. And talk about covering up the target!

    Amusingly enough, though, it was the mention and description of those very sights to the owner of the local range which prompted him to say "that sounds just like the Steyr's sights." "Steyr?" says I, "What is this Steyr that you speak of?" Whereupon he fished an M9 from the cabinet, dropped it into my hand......and, one week later, I deployed some of my hard-earned coin to assure myself that it would never leave.

    So, I guess you could say I owe a great debt to the good folks over at TruGlo!!

    Incidentally, does no one have an opinion on my scheme to kill time till Steyr comes out with a proper tritium tri/trap sight (on page two of the "Who has new sights on their Steyr" thread))? Is it wisdom? Is it folly? Is it so singularly uninteresting as to not qualify as either? :?
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    Actually some guy on THR - check out the accessories WTS threads - was looking for guinea pigs to send him sights to be painted with fluorescent stuff - seemed to think it would be a cheap way to get night sights. I PM'd him but no response so far. If someone with a steady hand and a good knowledge of painting plastic wanted to get into that realm I could be tempted to be a beta tester. Not an alpha tester of course - I'd want to see pics of at least the guy's own gun done first!

    Bold and reckless I may be - stupid I try to avoid :lol:
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    Found it!...sorry for the delay folks!

    here is the one i saw in Shotgun News

    looks pretty sharp to me.....not having tried it i dont know, but i think it looks like it would work great.....

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    i reallt like the colors of those ATS sights.
    I wonder if instead of eveyone screaming for night T/T and trying to paint their sights if there would be a way to get or make plastic inserts for our existing sights in various color combinations like those obviously steyr inspired sights.

    I still stand by my idea that stey should liscences the t/t sights, that is the second company to take the t/t sights and mod them just enough to not be true steyr sights.