Anybody know about the AUG's (and other powerful bullpup)...

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    ability to damage our hearing after several hundred rounds despite one wearing protection gear?

    Was told it is due to the high frequency noise travelling directly to the ear drums ("bypasing" protection gear) since the chamber is SO close to our ear.

    Also heard that this is in fact a problem with metalic weapons (like the French FAMAS) not the AUG as the latter has polymer frame and stock.
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    Sounds like high frequency BS to me.

    I've got about 15k rounds through my AUG and my hearing is no worse than it was before I got the gun back in, mmmm, 1990. The worst thing I ever did to my ears was done by a S&W M57 and no hearing protection. Two cylinders cured me of that in a hurry.

    My SVT40 would give me a heckuva headache by socking me on the bottom of my jaw during recoil. No hearing loss though.

    If my FS2000 ever shows up, we'll see how my ears fair. I'm guessing they'll be just fine.

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    It should not be an issue with proper hearing protection.

    That's a first I've heard this and I carried a F88 for almost 20 yrs.

    As for my hearing, it's not the best, after almost 40 yrs of military service, deployed and at home.
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    That is the beauty of Aug design. Stock is polymer and upper receiver is metal. When sound travel between 2 mediums, it is either reflected or defused (lack of better term without going into physics). The db from firing Aug is safe with foam ear plugs. Just enjoy it.