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Anybody else having this problem?

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I picked up my M9 from CDNN last week and have put 400 rounds through it so far. It's great other than the fact that it's painful to shoot. I find that it's painful to the knuckle of the right hand index finger. Although I've had this problem with all grips that I've tried the worst offender is the grip in the tutorials on this site. It's great for supporting the gun and stability but painful to shoot.

At this point I'm open to suggestions. If I can't find a solution in the near future it's going up for sale.
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That needs some clarification. Are you R handed, this is the trigger finger I'm assuming and the knuckle being the start of the finger itself. Can you elaborate a bit more on the problem........
First, Welcome to the forum

Second, is this the first time you have shot? I mean its a 9mm not a S&W 500. I find it is one of the easiest pistols to shoot and very mild.

Hope you get it worked out otherwise I'm sure someone on this site would gladly buy it off you.

cerberus, sounds like something we might be able to resolve for you. A couple of questions: you right handed or left? Would you perhaps be able to provide a digital photo showing your hand gripping the pistol ?
The problem is in my right hand index finger at where the finger and hand intersect at the knuckle. It feels like it's being pulled to up (according to how the hand grips the frame) and hyperextended. I've never had this problem shooting any of my Glocks, Sigs, XDs or 1911s, whether they were shooting low pressure ball 9x19 or extremely hot 10mm. Upon recoil it feels similar to pulling the trigger in terms of sensation. I've noticed that when I find a grip that's less uncomfortable the pistol tangibley recoils to either the left or right depending upon grip used.

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: I've had the most success in terms of accuracy and control using this grip but it seems to aggravate the situation. Other grips I've used have still had similar results. ... opic&t=778

My grip is nearly identical.

I'm begining to think it may be the shape of the gun versus the shape of my particular hand, which is a shame. It seems like a very nice pistol.
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Maybe you're gripping the gun too tight or too loose.
I'm not sure I understand exactly the problem. I tried griping my gun and checking the index knuckle, but don't find any problem with the firearm. Do you have arthritus in your hands, or are your hands very large?
No arthritis yet altough my hands are pretty big. I've tried gripping the M9 loosely and tightly. While it's not painful when held loosely it's certainly uncomfortable. Tightly is downright painful. I think it may just be the grip and my own hands.

I have the G19 and the Steyr M9 as well as many other quality handguns. I'm 6'8" about 300lbs and have very large hands as well as most of my friends. I find the Steyr more comsortable than the G19 to shoot but that is just me and my friends.
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