Any pro shooters use the Steyr?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by tenchu74, Feb 3, 2016.

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    I was curious if any professional/Top Tier shooters in some of the more popular disciplines like 3gun, USPSA or IDPA use a Steyr pistol?

    If not, why?

    I would think the Steyr's attributes like low bore axis, great out of the box trigger and comfortable grip would be desirable in a competition pistol.
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    So the short answer to that is not that I am aware of. I started shooting competitively in IDPA matches using my Steyr's last year. I know of about 6 guys that shoot Steyr pistols in IDPA but they are far and few between. I can't speak for the other disciplines but in IDPA there aren't any top tier guys shooting Steyr. At the World Championship last year there were only 2 of us out of somewhere in the neighborhood of 475 shooters, and I finished 13 out of 45 in the Sharpshooter class. So, far from the top level, however I plan to change some of that this year.

    All that being said it is a great competition pistol. It is a fast gun with the low bore axis, quick reset on the trigger, and the trap sights are really quick once you get used to them. The one drawback is the narrow magwell. Takes more concentration than on most pistols to make quick reloads. But honestly something I am willing to deal with.

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    Here in Austria a well respected IPSC shooter actually worked together with Steyr Mannlicher on the design or improvements of the L9. I have been to an IPSC introductory class he offeres and we talked a little, he really did like the work back then with Steyr, and the L9 in particular, with its triangular rails, the chassis system, the frame enabling the high grip thus low bore axis, the trigger, and so forth. He showed me how to grip the gun properly and emptied a magazin into the A zone of an IPSC target 10meters away so fast it was amazing. Afterwards he had a grin on his face - maybe a flash of rememberance. However, with his vast CZ experience he stayed and competes with his CZ Shadow, which is his race gun.
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    I really appreciate the Steyr pistols and enjoy shooting mine, but as someone who has had multiple CZ Shadows, the Shadow is just a better gun for gaming.