any other things i should know before i bye????

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  1. eazyeddie

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    thanks for every ones help and now i have a new question is there any major problems with the m-a1 in .40 that i should be aware of before i tell my captin what my duty gun will be for my job. i love the gun i love how it feels and how it shoots so i hope there is nothing to be woried about. i spoke to cdnn sports today and they have them instock and ready to ship i am very excited :p ready to have some fun........ :lol:
  2. Syntax360

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    The extraction thing I mentioned in your first thread is the only "known problem" with the series. And as I said, should yours misbehave, send it in to Steyr for the new extractor. I believe someone else already asked the question about what style extractor comes in the CDNN models in another thread, but for the life of my I can't remember what the conclusion was?

  3. Zundfolge

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    I have an early M40 (not an A1) with at least 10,000 rounds through it.

    Only problem I've ever had with it is the LCI doesn't work anymore (stopped working about the time I put a carbine kit on it ... dunno if the kit is at fault). Always registers "loaded" and won't pop down (you can push it back down when the chamber is empty).

    But other than that its been an accurate, reliable, nice shootin' piece.
  4. Buzz

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    Weren't most of the extraction problems with the 9mm? The gun was designed around the .40.

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    Hey All!

    Well, while most of 'em were w/ 9mm, my M357-A1 had about 700 rounds through it when the extractor started acting up. It wouldn't eat Remington JHP(and a few others), but w/ the new extractor I've actually tried to make it fail and it just ain't happenin'. Since getting it back from SAI, I've tried limp wristing(two finger style!), I've tried all sorts of HOT ammo(even the Remington 125 gr JHP it hated before!), I ran it dirty, and I even over lubed it(dripping wet!). I've put about 2000 rounds of 357sig and about 500 round of 40S&W through this bad boy.

    I would say put a 1000 rounds through it before You commit to it as a duty weapon, it's Your life on the line. I'd have SAI put a new style extractor on it, as I doubt the CDNN pistols have the new extractors. Then, I would have no reservations at all using it for duty purposes!

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    Yes you should know NOT to buy a Steyr It is the worst mistake you could make!!!
    That is if you think buying one of the finest guns on the market is a bad thing.
    Also don't buy it if you don't like to shoot a LOT because you WILL be addicted from
    the first magazine. You do have to keep it well fed, they are hungry little guys.
    The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't go shoot it more...
    Get it you will love it :D
  7. nixon

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    for the price ? you couldn't go wrong with it. In fact you're a winner already coz' it's a well made gun. This reason alone makes it worth your every penny. Go get yourself an M40-A1 before you ran out of it from CDNN. You will regret it for the rest of your life if u dont. Go !!!


    sorry xj. I meant to respond to and urge EazyEddie to buy one asap not you who's already got one.
  8. xjrat

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    Uh Nixon that was sarcsm I know it's hard to tell it from reality,
    but I sometimes have a dry sence of humor but I didn't think that post
    was that bad.There is no toung in cheek emoticon so I am lost...
    I LOOOOVEEEE my m40-A1 and like I said I can't shoot it
    enough! I am addicted to it. I have had it since december and
    coulndn't say enough good things about it.
    I let everyone that see's it and askes what the heck is it shoot it.
    I would love for the Steyr to take off.
    So bottom line is GO BUY ONE NOW, not now but NOOOWWWW!!!!
    You'll love it!!!!

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Go for it. Best pistol I have ever shot.