Any other HS50 owners here?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by flyandscuba, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. flyandscuba

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    I just took advantage of the CDNN Steyr blow-out by getting the HS50. I can't wait to take the beast over to a nearby 1000-yd range. Now it is time to think about optics and ammunition.

    Any recommendations on a scope?

    It looks like only has spotter ammo available on the website and appears to be sold out. Any other good ammo sources for milsurp ammo?

  2. MrApathy

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    may want to consider handloading for that cartridge.
    believe limited to single stage presses from Hornady and Lee.
    dont toss the brass whatever you do until its used up can still sell it as scrap metal.

    might want to search out 50 caliber forums someone had a link I thought around the rifles section.

  3. feinc

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    Check out -

    These folks can answer any question you have regarding 50 BMG & they have a great members forum.

    The two optics of choice for most LR 50 BMG shooters are Night Force and Leupold Mark 4.

    I have Leupold 16X Mark 4 on my HS50 and reload using RCBS 50 BMG Press. MidwayUSA usually has ammo at reasonable $$$ but most shooters end up reloading to keep the cost reasonable and to tune their gun for accuracy. De-Milled bullets and brass is available via eBay and GunBroker - Primers and Powder can be scarce at times.

    Best advise I received when I first started - "Double you ear protection" - The recoil from the 50 BMG heavy gun isn't much different than shooting slugs from a shotgun (a heavy push) BUT the muzzle blast and concussion is brutal !!! :D
  4. andy_760901

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    i would recommend either the Nightforce NXS; Smidt & Bender range or the USO range, depending on the range you would like to shoot, i would in the nightforce recommend either the 5.5-22X50mm or 5.5-22X56mm for more light gathering. when on max magnification a person seen through the reticle at 1000meters away will appear to be 50meters away. your other option if u really really wanna shoot out far would be the 8-32x56 which would bring the man at 1000 meters to be at 25meters at full magnification the there is the 12-42x56. the only thing you should take into account would be that these extream magnification scopes do limit your range for viewing and if you use a mildot ot MLR reticle to calculate distance of target, this must be done on full magnification, so if you would want to shoot at 500 meters you would have to go to max power to get an accurate reading. i would think that the 5.5-22X50mm would be awesome, i am buying one with the MLR reticle for target distance calc. and thinkt hat this scope would allow u to shoot from 200 meters to around 1k.

    good luck, and do your homework before buying. they r not cheap and a scope is a personal thing, u must deciede MIL dot adjustments or MOA etc etc. good luck and let us know what u decide :)
  5. happyskeeter

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    What is considered a good price for a HS50? What did CDNN charge for the HS50?
    I am thinking of the Barrett 99 which I know will offer parts and service. Will the factory service the HS50? Where would one send the HS50 back to for service?
  6. Syntax360

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    I believe CDNN was letting them go for $2,999. Steyr Arms would be the go-to service center for this weapon, and ought to be able to offer parts (assuming you ever need it).
  7. ETH77

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    My local gun shop had one and sold it for $5400 with a scope on it. They've now got a SGS-08 for $5900 with zoom Leupold on it.
  8. louishob

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    The Hubble.
  9. ETH77

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    Bwahahahha! :lol:
  10. mikakeke

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    ammoman has a bunch 50 bmg $2.50 - $3.00 rd Argentinian