Any one been to Steyr Austria?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by xjrat, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. xjrat

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    I am hopefully going next year... My wife is going to Germany for 2 weeks on a class trip and I will be
    going along. So we are going to go down to Austria for a few days and we WILL be spending one day
    in Steyr and I am hoping to stay one night in the town, and then on to Vienna Austria.
    We will be seeing some of the greatest sights in Germany and learning a LOT of the history
    and even spending time in Prague. We will be with my wife's professor who grew up in Germany,
    But of all the WONDERFUL things we will see I am MOST excited about Steyr. I hope to see the factory
    and maybe get a tour of the place :pray:
    I can't wait till june. The funny thing is that the day we are shooting to be in Steyr is our 3rd anniversary.
    The day I am supposed to give all my attention and love to my wife I will be DROOLING at Steyr... :shifty:
  2. MrApathy

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    havent been to Austria but would love to visit looks like some very nice county bet they have some great land to hike and ski probably some good fishing and hunting as well.

    Dont believe the factory is in Steyr though southeast of Steyr but could be wrong. remember looking through google maps and other satelite services trying to find it.

    might try contacting a steyrclub member in Austria thought we had a couple dont know last time they posted.

    have an old post with a link to a vid cam that takes snap shots of Steyr Austria.
    kinda fun to watch the day come and go.


    drink some for me :beer:

  3. midtnshooter

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    Please ask them if you are allowed to take some video. I have seen some pictures, but some spec.op. video would be great ! If you partake of the adult beverage, please have one for me. I want to go to Germany and Belgium for nothing more than the beer. My wife and I plan to go to Scotland (visit my family,distant) soon.

    :whistle: Hail Hail The Beer's Right Here !!! :v :beer:

    Have Fun and think Video. I'll give you some server space to store it.