Any interest in an aftermarket .357sig barrel conversion for your 40S&W Steyr pistol?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by DrewBone, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Rim Country Mfg.

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    What doesn't sell to the forum members and their contacts will be put on the website. But not for a while. This will give everyone time to pick one up.
  2. battlerifleelitist

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    Oh man if money wasn't so tight!
    Hopefully there'll be another swell of interest later for more runs.

  3. BCM432

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    I just posted this info on another thread, but it seems relevant here. I spoke with a rep from Steyr a couple of days ago, and one of my questions was if they had any plans to reintroduce the 357 SIG as an option. Basically, they said no plans, industry demand for the caliber is waning, etc. FYI.
  4. DrewBone

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    Hello BCM432, welcome to the forum!

    The information you're relaying is the sole purpose of this thread, as it had become painfully obvious to owners of these pistols a number of years ago that Steyr had no interest in reintroducing the 357SIG caliber in their lineup, stating "lackluster sales". The problem is, that's old news...and thanks to the "downfall" of the .40S&W cartridge, the pistols of which have been chambered in this caliber and which have become available at discounted prices, along with the ease at which pistols chambered in it can be converted to 357SIG with just a simple barrel change, the 357SIG conversion is a no-brainer and has seen a surge in popularity even though it has always been a worthy choice for self defense.

    We're greatful to RCM for helping provide us with the opportunity that Steyr saw fit to deny us.

    Roughly 4 years ago, many had considered the 357SIG too expensive to shoot, as there were few manufacturers who offered the caliber. This has since changed with relatively inexpensive and readily available FMJ and JHP ammo coming from Prvi Partizan, and even SIG SAUER offers self defence ammo on par pricewise with all the common calibers such as 9mm, 45ACP, etc.