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Just wondering if anyone's interested in trying rig up an M series barrel (M9 I suppose, since 9mm blanks are easier to find) with a restrictor, for semi-automatic blank fire.

I do a little work as an indie film armorer on the side, and usually use the purpose made blank guns... they're cheap and look fine, but they jam all the time, and there are limited models available. I'd get a real kick out of being able to feature a Steyr in a movie sometime...

If there are any takers, how much would you charge for something like that?
Ideally it'd just be a spare barrel that I could swap out with a regular one, so the gun could do double duty. Yeeees, I know the barrel will need to be clearly marked and carefully checked so nobody tries to fire live ammo through a restricted barrel, although it may also be possible to add a small obstruction near the chamber so live ammo wouldn't fit... not sure, not really a gunsmith myself.

Suppose I'd need to modify a mag as well, but that I could probably manage on my own.

Just thinking out loud here, thought some other Steyr enthusiast might want to join in.
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