Any CZ100 Experience Out There?

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by midtnshooter, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I am familiar with the CZ 75 and the 75 Champion , but not the 100. I want to get something small to tuck in my side when I'm at work. I have shot the small cal Keltecs, but it "kills" my hand everytime I shoot those "toys". Plus in my line of work ( "space shuttle gun-man" - :D :D :D For those who read into prior posts :D ) I can't take a chance with a pee-gun. A minimum of a 9mm must be used (I work around alot of money). Any help?


    Thank you all again. Any other suggestions would be great. For those who don't know me, I stand by 40 . Did ya hear that "you-die-hard-sigs" :twisted:

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    I was not happy with my Kel-Tec P-11. Besides having a 99-lb. hammer spring, I got so tired of pulling the trigger trying to break it in that I swapped hands and got careless with my support hand and skint my thumb big-time!

    So I dumped it and bought a PF-9 and I couldn't be happier. Though it's lighter and slimmer, I think it shoots much better than the P-11, certainly has a vastly better trigger. I put 100 rounds though mine on my first outing and my hand wasn't sore a bit. I did buy a Hogue Handall Jr. the same time I bought the pistol, so perhaps that helps. Never shot it without the Handall grip.

    As for small CZs, the 2075 Rami is the smallest one I've seen. The 9mm version is well-reviewed, but I've read the .40 version is a problem child, perhaps "teething" problems. And I can't say I'd want to shoot a .40 in any pistol that small. Here's a review on the Rami .40 by Shooting Times. They liked it just fine, but suggested going with the 9 if snappy recoil is a problem.

    The Rami is smaller than the CZ100: 3" barrel vs. 3.9", overall length 6.57" vs. 7.1", height 4.72" vs. 5.1", weight 24.5 oz. vs. 1.5 lbs.

    Here's some reviews from owners on the CZ100 I found on the first google page, one mostly good and one mixed.

    Another possibility you might consider is the new Walther PPS, Police Pistol Slim. Highly regarded I've read. :mrgreen:

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    I don't know about the 100 but if its anything like the P01 I just got then it must be only dislike about the P01 is the DA trigger is heavy as hell but if you chamber a round and decock it goes into a half cocked mode and the half cocked DA is great. The SA was a little scary at first but now I am used to it and like it alot. Ergos are great, accuracy is great, reliability is great so far, where your at I think you get 14 or 16 round mags, it even looks good.
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    might as well go with a steyr m9 its about the same size or try and find a s9

    the cz100's have a long double action trigger pull is a new version cz110 but they are not imported dont meet the points.
    the 110's have a da/sa style trigger.

    the cz100's in 40sw are ported they dont seem to handle 40sw as good as others
    someone tried a custom non ported barrel and recoil was reported as brutal.

    mags and parts are worse than steyrs situation.

    considered the cz100 years back when they were available for $300.
    havent shot one but held one at a gunshow.

    cz forum 100 series section ... -CLUB.html