Anti-Bloomberg Rally

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MrApathy, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. MrApathy

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    copied seanM of not sure where he got it from.

    the blomberg presser video is good.
    while grass roots efforts are nice what we need is a revolution in this country.

  2. breechplug

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    If your a BILLIONARE like him you can buy your arms anywhere you want. I never liked that creep .
  3. That guy is a full blown gun grabbing nut job.

    Yeah, those tough firearm restriction sure are doing the trick in NYC to lower crime. :roll:

  4. Zundfolge

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    Guys like Bloomberg make me want to prove them right.

    Seriously, if guys like him were even 10% right about gun owners there would be a big ole stack of dead suits.
  5. You've got to LOVE Bloomberg.

    I mean here is a guy so rich he's had and has now armed security around him at all times.

    Does he need to bear arms himself? NOPE, he has a small army to do that now and even after he is Mayor.

    I love these rich guys telling normal people that they don't need firearms to protect themselves when they walk around with a small army.

    I guess only super rich folks deserve to have protection form the scum bags out there. Every fair study out there shows that where folks are allowed CCW licenses crime goes down and when firearms are banned ala DC, Baltimore, San Fran, and Chi-Town crime goes up.

    When will these idiot wake-up and see that all they do is take firearms out of the hands of lawful people?

    Even if they banned firearms from private ownership across the country the criminals would still have them. Look how many tons of drugs comes across the boarder you think they can't sneak weapons across if they can bring in people?

    For Pete's sake the UK is an island and bad guys are still turning up with firearms they bring in.