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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by steveinaz, Jul 20, 2007.

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    I inquired today about availability of M357-A1's, and when Davidson's (Gallery of Guns) might be getting more; here's Jack's response via email:

    "We have no definitive word yet on delivery of the MA-1 .357SIG, but my guess is that it will be either late this year or early next year. Check our web site,, for announcements and product updates.


    Jack Riddle"

    I'm wanting to get back into a Steyr, but they sure do make it difficult. Look's like a Glock will win the "bid" .....again. I have considered just buying the M40-A1 and hoping that later down the road I can get a Steyr M357 barrel for it, but it's just too dicey. FWIW, there's 99+ new M9-A1/M40-A1's on Gallery of Guns---but no .357Sig.

    I realize Davidson's doesn't have the best price, BUT you get a LIFETIME replacement guarantee--well worth the extra ducks IMO.
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    OK, so what's the deal? Lots of 40 S&W and 9mm, no 357SIG. Not popular enough to warrant Steyr's time? Maybe not as popular as the other two calibers, but certainly enough to justify sending us some guns. Right? Is their production capacity overloaded with deliveries for some military contract? I don't get it! :!:


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    M357-A1 is by far the rarest of the M-A1's! :shock:

    Mine was $12 more than Netfotoj's and worth every penny. 8)
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    How does the guarantee work if the gun is not available? If you bought one and it had issues and they had no more in inventory. Would you get a refund? Most guns this wouldn't be an issue, but with Steyrs on and off again availability of the .357 model in the US it might come into play. Just something to think about.

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    That is a very good question - one that I've thought about a few times myself, since I picked my M9A1 up from Davidson's. I really don't forsee it being a problem, but it would still be a bit more reassuring if someone had an answer...
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    Here's the details of the davidson's guarantee: ... anteed.asp

    According to the guarantee "if no replacement is available, Davidson's will have the gun repaired free of charge."

    I have bought a boat-load of guns thru Davidson's Gallery of Guns (shipped to my FFL) and one thing I have noticed, every gun has been a very nice specimen. It's almost like Davidson's gets the top-shelf examples from each manufacturer. A recent exampe is the Savage .17HMR I just bought. The stock wood on the "93R17-GV" looked pretty unimpressive in all the photo's I saw; but the stock on the rifle I received is beautiful. It look's nothing like what is shown on the Savage web site. Davidson's also seems to have the latest serial number run of everything, another plus. The last Glock 17 I bought from them was 2 weeks old, as shown by the proof load envelope date included with the gun. Same deal with the last 2 Ruger Super Blackhawk's I got thru Davidson's. Both had the best fit/finish I have ever seen on a stock Ruger revolver. Very tight cylinder fit and gap---no end-shake, etc. Even the grips on both were very nice examples.
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    Hi Guys :)

    Here's the reply from Sean at Davidson's conc this dilemma:

    If ya got questions, go to the source. <shrug> IMHO, its the best way to find out what ya wanna know. <shrug> Reputable companies want the interaction with their potential clientèle. Don't be scared. ;)

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    This response from Riddell was very vague and uncertain. After about 6 months or so since Steyr was sold, there's not much concrete development in as far as how, where, when, what Steyr wants to do IMHO.