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    Just picked up the Complete Book of Autopistols 2007 issue #40 and was delighted to find a review of the M40-A1 in it. Some other articles in the magazine are ones I had already read in other magazines, but the Steyr review was new, at least to me. Some of you other Steyroids may have already seen this review, but I don't believe anybody has put it up on the site yet, so here it is.

    It's an excellent review by Mike Boyle, how could it be anything but when the finest autopistol in the known universe is being evaluated? (It's hard to be humble when you're a Steyroid.)

    Boyle's only criticism is a bit suspect. He says he shot 25-yard groups with four tight shots and one flyer. And he blames the pistol? Now whose fault do you suppose it might be when four out of five shots are nice and tight and one's off the mark?

    It's a 6-page review and I scanned the pdfs at max size for readability so even with a fast connection pages may take some time to load. Dail-up users beware.

    P.S. Changed the pdfs from glorious brown and white to black and white and cut file sizes down for quicker downloads. They also read better with better contrast. Shoulda done that to start with.
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    If I blamed the pistol every time I got lazy and let one fly, I'd be laughed off the range! :shock: :lol:

    Otherwise He speaks highly of Our little beastie!

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    Outstanding Thanks,

    There was an article on the M9A1 in Combat Handguns over a year ago that I didn't know about until the magazine had disappeared from the shelves. I never could track it down.
  4. Thanks for posting that article as I had not yet read it.

    Well, he was right when he said that follow-up shots are amazing in their accuracy with the Steyr MA1. He seemed to have had come to the same conclusion most of us have arrived at in proclaiming the Steyr MA1 as a serious contender for anyone looking for a DAO polymer pistol.

    He suggestion about interchangable backstraps really isn't something that I need to see though as my hand fits the Steyr like the pistol was custom made, but I can see how that would be one more selling point for some folks.
    Probably we'll see the next Generation Steyr Pistol with thos backstraps, but I would hope that it wouldn't effect the natural point or grip angle.
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    A single flyer

    Some time back, I seem to recall reading about something similar (maybe with a Glock), where the problem had to do with the way the FIRST ROUND was chambered. I think it was the difference between riding the slide down and using the slide release. The first round printed differently than the rest of the magazine. Unfortuntaely, I can't recall anything more specific.

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    Another great review :evil: Expect prices to go up :evil:

    All he did was tell us what we all already knew! :?
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    any auto pistol will throw the first round. the powder in the case sloshes back and forth during recoil. upon loading, the powder hasn't sloshed around in the same manner in which it does during firing.

    the 2nd thru XXX rounds all have the powder in the same place in the case.

    this wouldn't apply to WULF. he crams the powder in so there isn't any room for sloshing!!! hahaha just kidding buddy.

    can I see a difference? no way. we're talking the difference of 1/2"-1". so if you're shooting anything over 2" groups at 25 yards, which most people do, you won't be able to see this in your pattern.

    incidentally, same thing goes for a freshly cleaned barrel. the first shot lays a nice film of copper down the barrel, leaving the bullet a little jagged. jagged bullet goes flying. follow up shots can then all ride the copper.

    i had heard this, and it seemed reasonable enough to me to be true. THEN i went to canada on a hunting trip. we all went to sight in our rifles after the trip getting there and one guy insisted on 'wasting one" for the first shot because his barrel was freshly clean. we all looked at each other and laughed.

    he then proceeded to drill the dead center of the crossed X in the center of the target, i mean you couldn't have walked up to the target and pushed the bullet through any more perfectly, at about 80 yards. 5 of us hit the little X, but he was completely dead on.

    we felt kind of bad for laughing, and pretty humbled. but we also felt like we had been hustled because he won the $200 canadian betting pool we had put together.

    back on topic, will the first shot from an auto-loader always be different? absolutely! the question is, can you shoot well enough to statistically see the difference. i can't... yet. but i can always practice more tomorrow!!!
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    Thanx for the article, foto* :)


    Pretty good readin' and not too derogatory. <shrug> I especially like his lack of "pilot error" when analyzing the "fliers". <BFG> And yeah, "if ya can't run with the big dawgs, keep your puppy-arse on the porch! :roll:

    Hava great Sunday, Bro. :)


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    "He says he shot 25-yard groups with four tight shots and one flyer. And he blames the pistol? "
    Glad to see the reviewer does his own shootin' and his own lyin'.
    Decent article.
    Might Steyr do some advertising to capitalize on it?
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    Steyr and Advertise dont go in the same sentence, paragraph, article, essay, or novel.
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    Steyr did run some gun magazine ads, most of them full pages, back around Christmas and early this year, but then they stopped. I suspect they were bought and paid for under the old regime before the CDNN liquidation sale by the old owner before he took the money and run.

    Since then, CDNN has had pretty much if not all of the Steyr inventory to sell, so ads would have been a waste of money. I'd even bet money, if I was a betting man, that the MA1s that have shown up in Davidson's inventory in the past few months were purchased wholesale from CDNN. We certainly haven't heard of anymore MA1s shipped from Austria.

    Only hopeful note I saw over the weekend was Wulf's inside tip that when the S9-A1s resume shipment to the U.S. the magazines may well hold 17 rounds! Now that's a full-capacity magazine. I also bet they'll have Wulf's pawprints on them. I can't wait to get my paws on a S357-A1! :mrgreen: