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Another first M9 owner

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First of all, thanks to all who have make this site possible, and I am glad to have found some great resources and kindered spirits here.

I handled a Styer M9 for the first time at a gun show about a week ago, and I was immediately impressed with the feel of the grip and of the overall workmanship. I came to that show hoping to find a used Kahr K-9, but the Styers really caught my attention. I told the guy selling these that I had never even heard of a Steyer (I have led a rather sheltered gun life), so I went home to find out a little about it online before buying. The next day, I went back to get my new Styer, and felt like a fool for buying a gun without ever having shot one like it before.

Yesterday, my fears were put to rest. I put my first ten rounds fired inside a 3-1/2" diameter circle at 7 yards. That may not sound impressive to some of you marksmen out there, but it sure impressed the heck out of me!

I fired several other 9mm semi-automatics before...Glock, Ruger, Springfield XD, Kahr, etc...but only the Kahr seemed to fit my hand well. That was when I picked up the Styer. I'm no expert when it comes to handguns, but I know not to buy a gun that isn't comfortable to hold and fire.

I am impressed with the accuracy, the good looks, the percieved recoil, and the sights. The magazine locked into place smoothly, and the first round slipped into the chamber flawlessly...both with a satisfying audible response that confirmed I was holding a high-quality piece of worksmanship. 50 rounds of 115 grain full metal jacket went through without a single hiccup. I'm anxious to give it a better work-out, but that will come later.

There were only a couple of marks against it on my report card, and those were:
1. My hands were the dirtiest I've ever experieced after firing a handgun.
2. The ejected casing tended to flip back toward my face. I never had a casing actually hit me, but my wife did. She fired about six rounds and gave the Styer back to me. She said that she was distracted by the anticipation of having a shell casing fall on her head. She much prefers our Ruger GP100 .357 revolver, and I can't fault her one bit for that.

Please forgive my wordiness, but I am happy with my Styer M9, and I wanted to share it with folks who could best relate! :D
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Welcome to the club

You made a good choice!

Try the suggested extractor cleaning on the M9 and that may help clear up the spent casings to the face/head....otherwise it just takes some break in time.

never noticed the dirty hands issue....what brand of ammo?
The ammo brand was PMC (what they had for sale at the range). I have used this brand before, but only in 38 special 125 grain JHP with the Ruger revolver. I did not experience any probs with these, so I did not hesitate to try it on the 9mm auto-loader.

Have any good suggestions for Styer in the 9mm flavor?

And, just as you know of any that I should avoid for use with the Styer M9? (range ammo vs home defense) I don't want to worry about a misfeed when it matters most!
xmark said:
And, just as you know of any that I should avoid for use with the Styer M9? (range ammo vs home defense) I don't want to worry about a misfeed when it matters most!
Check out this thread for good info on ammo...

I've been using WWB and find my hands to be pretty dirty after a couple hours at the range.

Just be aware that in order to be considered a Steyr-oid, you must SPELL the name properly!

It's Steyr. Not Styer. "e" before the "y".

Sorry. Had to do it. Becoming a little pet-peeve of mine.....

Welcome to club, and shoot safe!
Thanks for the welcome. I'll try the extractor cleaning before I go back out to the range this week. The ammo thread was useful, too. Thanks also for correcting my mis-spelling of STEYER! :oops:
welcome, enjoy the shooting.

you got a great gun.

I would recomend reading the grip tutorial by idpa steyr in the tactics and training section here. It might feel wierd, but it is the same grip used by all the top competition shooters. Making SURE your weapon is unloaded follow the pics and do some dry firing w/ that grip.
I found the PMC ammo to be rather dirty. Bought 500 rounds at a bargin price but it shot very dirty and finally gumed up the firing pin until it was doing some light primer strikes. Gave the gun a good cleaning and switched ammo and no further light primer strikes after 500 rounds.
If you have an Academy Sports near you, they carry the CCI Blazer FMJ(aluminum case) for 3.86/50 in the 9mm 115 gr. Even after taxes that is a steal, and I have shot a couple hundred each through the M9 and S9 without a problem. I just picked up another 500 for further investigations!!I have to admit it, I never had fun with handguns until I got the Steyrs. :D
We don't have an Academy Sports here in town, but I'll check around. That sounds like a great deal on the CCI, and others have sung it's praises in the thread from Deluxe247 above.

In the mean-time, I picked up some Winchester target 115 gr. FMJ at Wal-Mart yesterday to try next. It sells for $11 and change for 100.
I've got roughly 3000 rounds through my M9, and 500 through my S9. 90% of those have been WWB (Winhcester White Box) 100 round value paks from WalMart.

Haven't had a hiccup yet, except for one stovepipe ejection. Fine ammo at a great price.

I have read where people think CCi is "cleaner" ammo. This may be true, but I also believe it to be less powerful, which could account for it being less dirty, too.

One time I loaded several magazines with alternating rounds of CCI and WWB. There was a noticeable reduction in kick when firing the CCI. Not a big difference, but a noticeable one.
If you want clean ammo, try the WinClean stuff. The fired brass looks almost like new. Not as cheap as WWB but shoots the same.
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