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I just joined the Steyr AUG world after waiting 29years from the last time I fired one. It was at the beginning of my career in the US Army and was a fairly awesome experience.

We did a 10 day “Weapon Exchange/Cross-Training Program” with the Australian Army (Australian Defense Force) and we each had the opportunity to team up with another soldier(AUS) and teach them everything about the M16A2 for 3 days and then they trained us on the AUG. Long Story short...I didn’t want to give the AUG back and they couldn’t wait to get their AUG back! LoL

Ever since then, I’ve wanted one and decided it was time. I still haven’t nailed down exactly what feels different, but something feels different for sure. Still shoots awesome and I’m looking forward to shooting after all that time.

Glad to have found this place!!!
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