And what would you like for Christmas, young Steyroid?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Polymer Proselyte, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Polymer Proselyte

    Polymer Proselyte New Member

    Dropping hints everywhere for 'hers indoors' to get me a CR-Speed competition holster. Hopefully the Model G will fit my Glock and Steyr.*

    Whats on your list?

    *The preceding claim has not been clinically tested.

    ::Update. The CR Speed Model G does fit with some minor modifications
  2. Syntax360

    Syntax360 Premium Member

    An EOtech, Magpul stock, P-mags, or ammo for the AR...
    A Mesa Tactical receiver picatinny rail and Trijicon Reflex or ammo for the Mossberg...
    Mags, ammo, or a Blade-Tech paddle holster for the M9A1...
    A new M9A1...

    Jeez - guns sure are an expensive hobby :shock:

  3. mugdava

    mugdava Premium Member

    Hey All

    I'm wishin'(hinting!) for a new upper for my AR-10 build!

    A S40-A1 sure would be a pleasant suprise!

    I only wish I'd been better this Year( :twisted: ), 'cause then Santa might bring me onna These:


    Oh well, maybe next year. :cry:

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    "Whats on your list?'

    You haven't got enough bandwidth....
  5. Netfotoj

    Netfotoj Premium Member

    1. Full-size 9mm (though I'd take a M9A1 in a heartbeat)
    1A. Full-size .38 Super/9x23 (or 357 Sig or 10mm)
    1B. Mannlicher-Schönauer classic bolt-action in 30'06
    1C. "Classic" Mannlicher in 30'06
    1D. Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special
    1E. Boxcar load of ammo including everything from .22LR to 10mm to 30'06 to 12 gauge
    1F: S357-A1 (Only reason that's so low on the list is because Santa won't be getting deliveries from Steyr until sometime next year)
    1G. L10-A1 (see 1F)
    1H. L45-A1 (see 1F)
    1I. L9-A1 (see 1F)
    And the list goes on and on and on and on... :mrgreen:
  6. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Member

    FN SLP (the original 18.5" one, not the 20" MK1)
    KelTec RFB Carbine (yeah, it ain't out yet but we're talking about the magic of Christmas)
    ACOG for the RFB
    Couple of cases of .308, 12ga (various types), .40 and .44.
    Dillon XL 650 (with dies for all the above + 9mm, except the 12ga of course)
    Dillon SL900 (with 12ga and 16ga dies)

    Oh yeah and get the wife something nice too ... something shiny (she's particular to platinum instead of gold).
  7. NicoX

    NicoX New Member

    varmint rifle to hunt, I like one of Weatherby
    100000000 of 9mm ammo
    a Steyr in 45 ACP

    and please.. I need a large weekend without cellular, without notebook, only with my pistol and my future rifle
  8. m00t

    m00t New Member

    Agreed, but I'm asking santa for a target variant... the stainless sure does look pretty!

    Hmmm... I'll also take a CrossBreed holster, a ton of 9m mags, and a ton of ammo to go in em. And a leupold scope. And a suppressor. And, oh, I dunno....

    Money is no object, right?

  9. amonkey

    amonkey New Member

    1. A case of 30-06 from CMP ( I actually think this is on the way :pray:
    2. An AR kit from Del-Ton
    3. Underfolder AK in 7.62 x 39
    4. A Polish P-64 (they go for about $175 and it would make a great "project gun"
    5. Walther P38 (also would make a great "snubbie" gunsmith project! ie a P38k)
    6. The time to cast and reload for my 45 colt Vaquero
    7. MORE .40 ammo for my M40!!! :drool:
    8. and finally a bottle of Le'Angelus beer from the north of France! :beer:
  10. Netfotoj

    Netfotoj Premium Member

    Picked up my Christmas present from myself to myself today: CZ CUSTOM SHOP CZ 75 SP-01

    Went straight from gun shop to range. Report to follow. Incredible! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  11. MrApathy

    MrApathy Active Member

    asked for a automatic clay thrower and received a Do-All Aerial Assault thrower.
    now I just need spring to come and melt all the damn ice and snow driveway still has a 3" of ice and sever inches of snow on top of it.

    been on a big shotgun buzz. did lots of shotgun shooting this summer and especially into fall. havent gotten anything in since snow hit the ground and got some wicked shaking going on to get back out and shoot.

    did manage to hookup the aerial assault and let a few clays fly off back deck clays flew great luckily the wooded back yard stopped the clays from hitting the highway(more importantly the cars on it) 75 yards behind deck.
  12. midtnshooter

    midtnshooter Premium Member

    Just like Net stated, Santa treated me good this year.

    A got my new Para-Ord. .40 Match Pistol. CR Speed belt with mag pouches.

    A CED7000RF timer

    I would have liked a reloader system, but Mrs.Clause wouldn't go for it. I have never shot skeet, but a clay "slinger" would be fun.

    I wish he would have brought us some snow and ice. Shortly, I'll see if he brings my other gift.......... Titans in the play-offs. My Ohio friends have called me and stated that they are having a party/prayer session for the Colts. If they win, the Browns go on to the playoffs. Go Titans and let it snow :whistle: Let it snow :whistle: Let it Snow !! :whistle: