An S9 question

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by madecov, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. madecov

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    Is the 10 round capacity the standard capacity?
    was the gun designed to be a 10 round handgun?

    I own the M40 and am seriously considering the S9 as a handgun to be used off duty.
  2. FlaChef

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    The S series was discontinued before th AWB sunsted.

    S40 holds ten and mag is topped out.

    S9 holds ten, and looks like could hold anbother two but no mags for 12 rounds were ever imported, not sure about other countries.

    Some people have closed the lips on a S40 mag to hold and feed 12 9mm.
    I'll let one of them give the measurements and method.

  3. kemosabe

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    I modified two S40 mags for my S9, tapped the lips closed to .345" (the same width as the S9 mags) used vernier calipers to check. Several hundred rounds through and no problem. 8)
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    The S9 and S40 are great carry guns. I have carried both of my S series handguns. They are not as small as I would like, but I guess if the SHTF it will be a good thing to have a little larger pistol.
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    I agree with sturmruger on this one. Although it would be nice to have a tiny pocketgun, my S9 is way more accurate and reliable. Let's say you actually get into a firefight on the street with some dope fiend. Hopefully, he misses and you don't. But when stress gets high, shooting accuracy goes down. You both miss, he is able to run behind a dumpster 20 yards away and continues shooting at you. Now how practical is that 7 yard .32acp pocketgun? It is better to have a tiny gun than no gun at all, and sometimes thats all you can carry. But I have carried my S9 around a lot of people, and as far as I know nobody has seen it yet. Yes, it pokes me sometimes in the gut, but it's reminding me that it's still there. I can only imagine packin' a 1911 .45 !
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    Re: S9

    I just posted a LONG review of my first experiences with my new S9. Bottom line is that I think it may be the best carry 9mm I have ever tried. In a Comp-Tac CTAC IWB Kydex holster, this gun hides incredibly and draws well enough to win IDPA matches.

    I used to pack a 5" 1911 .45 in FL almost every day years ago. Being 6" 240 lbs makes that easy. It's a good excuse not to diet!
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    Probably not news but unless I have some wrong info you can also use the higher capacity M9 15 (edit - yes 14 rounders sorry - I always tend to add one to most mag capacities as I habitually chamber a round then refill the mag) rounders in the S9 if you don't mind a slightly ungainly protuberance in the grip. At $30 a pop I don't see the need for me personally so haven't tried it myself but pretty sure they will work.
  8. FlaChef

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    14 round M mags DO work, i do it reguarly.