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M-Series vs. the M-A1.

The M-A1 is just an updated version of the M-series hence the "M" before the A1 in the designation. Just like when the auto industry puts out a new car over the last years model not every part of the car is going to be different and most of the car is going to be the same in most cases. HOWEVER, there have been some good improvements, which are solid steps forward. For instance, the M-A1 has the improved ejection plunger, better grip texture, grip plug standard, and a proper light rail attachment point (all things in the past many have posted in this website that they wanted).

Is the M-A1 a giant leap forward over the M-series? Nope. It is a great pistol in its own right though, but you still can't go wrong with the original M-series. If Steyr Arms wanted to save themselves some money, which means they saved us some money by using up old stock M-series slides thats a good thing in my book. :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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