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An observation on the Steyr MA1 pistols

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I have seen two identical M9 A1 pistols side by side: one had etching M9 and other had M9A1. There were two visible differencies only: M9 had triangular sight and 14 shots mag and M9A1 had Tritium night sight and 15 shots mag.

I could not find any other distinctions.
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I have been doing as much reserch on this weapon as I can. The M9 is an older weapon, with the M9-A1 being new construction, but I think that they are very very similar from outward appearance from the pictures I have seen.

You have already proven that mods have been done to one or both of these weapons with the night sights. I would believe that the triangular sights on the M9 were probably taken from the A1 when the night sights were added. Hell, they are all dove tail construction, so it stands to reason the new sights will fit the old weapon.
I think, but I'm not sure, that the M9 should not have the intergrated Picatinny rail mount system that the A1 has, so in that case, if both guns have the rail mount, then maybe the Frame, of the one marked M9, is actually an A1 frame, with an M9 slide, or some other after market slide. <shrug>
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Slides for the MA1 and the M are the same
There have been reporteded sightings of MA1's with M series markings on the slides.
Speculation is that Steyr used older inventory slides on new frames.

I have seen pics of the M357A1 where the slide just says M357.
well yes MR A is right you can get a new frame and swap all the uppers, I do remember all the pictures of the "new" A1's when they first came out all saying M# on the slide.
So probably a few of both conversions and old inventory use up on the market.
M-Series vs. the M-A1.

The M-A1 is just an updated version of the M-series hence the "M" before the A1 in the designation. Just like when the auto industry puts out a new car over the last years model not every part of the car is going to be different and most of the car is going to be the same in most cases. HOWEVER, there have been some good improvements, which are solid steps forward. For instance, the M-A1 has the improved ejection plunger, better grip texture, grip plug standard, and a proper light rail attachment point (all things in the past many have posted in this website that they wanted).

Is the M-A1 a giant leap forward over the M-series? Nope. It is a great pistol in its own right though, but you still can't go wrong with the original M-series. If Steyr Arms wanted to save themselves some money, which means they saved us some money by using up old stock M-series slides thats a good thing in my book. :D
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ministerofdeath said:
For instance, the M-A1 has the improved ejection plunger, better grip texture, grip plug standard, and a proper light rail attachment point
Do you mean there is a grip plug that is supposed to be standard on the new ones?

Because mine is BNIB, says M40-A1 and has no grip plug.
The A1 does not have a "grip plug" per se'

The backstrap is designed so it does not have the large opening the older M had. It is more closed and has a different slot in the bottom for future accessories.
Let's do this the easy way.



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Those are sweet.........what are they :?: :roll:
So the blade shop where I ordered a Cold Steel has them on back order.. should I cancel and pick up those PT night sights? I've decided the A1 needs cat eyes.
I know the difference between M9 and M9A1 but those two guns were actually both M9A1 (it was stated in their papers also) with different etching on their slides. May be this case with different etching of the SAME model may be by explained by fact that the gun marked M9A1 was issued later (it had serial number around 44XXX while other marked M9 had 40XXX). It is interesting also that official STEYR-AUG site still has pictures of M but not M-A1 pistol.

If somebody has more accurate information about cause of this "incorrect" etchings it will be very much appreciated.
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