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Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by Boyandhisdog, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Boyandhisdog

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    Just want to say hi. As a current owner of S&W's M&P40 and a Glock 23 I have to say I am truly anticipating the arrival of my newly ordered M9-A1. I had a lot of trouble finding anyone I knew with personal experience with it. A friend of mine that shot for Steyr on the Olympic teams finally was able to tell me his experiences with it and thought I would be quite happy with it. I was able to hold an older M9 at a local shop and I know the older M9 felt so good in my hand that I had to order one of the A1's so I did. I am not expecting 1" groups at 25 yards but I am pretty confident that my 5 inch groups I get with the Glock and the M&P will turn into 3" groups once I adjust to the trap sights.

    I want to thank the group for letting me troll the forums while I shopped the last 2 weeks and hope to be able to share my experiences soon.
  2. silver x0ne

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    I am sure you will truly enjoy your m9-a1. The weapon is VERY easy to shoot and very friendly to newer shooters (even more so for experienced people). I love the way mine acts in every aspect!

    BTW I like Savannah, pretty awesome place. I just polished off my fudge from the charleston candy store (I think thats what it is called) off of the 'river walk' or whatever you guys call it. Weather around here sucks bad though, too humid for my tastes.

    Welcome to the dark side? *I guess* :)

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    Welcome aboard.
    The Steyr is one of the finest polymer pistols there is. The trigger is incredible once she's broken in.

    I find the ergonomics to be among the very best of any handgun I've ever handled.
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    Thanks for the welcome. Yay for Houston, Tx.... I was married and divorced my first time in Cut and Shoot
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    Hiya Boy* :)

    hehehehehe...." Tarzan...." :twisted: J/K, Dude. Nice handle. :) I saw the movie when it first came out...long ago...galaxy far far away...when Don Johnson was young and could really act.... :roll: And whatta movie! :shock: Way I see it, worse movies "have been reported in the universe, but not by reliable witnesses....". -DA Ya gotta good stable of handguns and you're gonna love your new addition. :p Welcome ta The Club. :)

    Wulf <--thinkin' o' some more witty "Boy" movie references ...hehehe..."ya gotta pretty mouth, Boy...."
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    Welcome to the club! Be sure to give it a good clean and lube when you receive it, and follow that up with a range report. :twisted:
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    I will definately agree that the M series pistol is by far the most comfortable pistol to hold and shoot. The unique sights also help to get tighter shot groups. I never had one stoppage with my Steyr M9 A1. I think you will like it. The only thing that sucks about Steyr is that it is so hard to get a Steyr these days and parts are very hard to come by. :(

    Take Care and God Bless!


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    Welcome. Give it a good 400-500 round shakedown and let us know how its going. I like my M9 much better than my previous Glocks.