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Do gun makers test their guns with different ammo to see which works best with their guns? If so does Steyr recommend any ammo for use in their guns? I have used both Winchester & Remington in my S9 & M40 with a couple of FTE but I suspect the problem was I and not the ammo.
Please share your ammo experience. Keep up the good work this group is a great source of information
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I've been using a lot of cheap stuff which has greatly contributed to the problems I've had. Avoid Olympic and Brown Bear like the plague. These have jammed and locked up the firing pin and slide respectively.

we have a sticky in the ammo and reloading forum to post your experiences w/ differnt brands/types. ... opic&t=123

unless you wanted to start another on e here in the rifles section, since that one is primarily pistol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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