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    anybody know of promotions going on or sales on reloading supplies or ammo would appreciate if they post here.

    for the moment I see as having good prices on Berry's plated bullets on 1,000-2,000 bullet orders specificly 40sw.

    Midsouthshooterssupply and Honady are having a special.
    buy a Hornady die set get a box of bullets have to pay shipping for bullets
    buy a Hornady Lock N Load classic or classic kit and get 500 bullets
    buy a Hornady Lock N Load AP and get 1,000 bullets but have to pay $13 for shipping of the bullets
    mighty tempting offer on the LNL AP too bad they are sold out of them.

    more info on the bullets and promotion ... loaded.pdf

    if you have something please share it.

    also for other items non gun related here are some nice sites <-- has a forum with lots of info hotdeals section is good,freebies ok. rebate information,printable coupons.
    but be carefull some of the deals the companies try to screw you and overcharge or dont deliver as advertised.
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    Cabela's has the Hornady LNL AP on sale for $300 plus you get a $50 rebate on your next purchase. I don't normally give Cabela's the nod, but it's a pretty good offer for Cabela's. You still get the 1k of bullets from Hornady as well.

  3. MrApathy

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    I have had alright buys with cabelas but shipping seems to be the big factor with cabelas unless they have changed

    thanks for the tip

    damn cabelas is sold out on LNL AP with no back order probably going to be that way for a year during the promotion.