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    My new m40 will arrive next week and I plan to bring it to the range right away to test it. There was a recommendation to use only quality ammos and not reloads during the initial 500 rounds. I'm from the philippines and that will be very expensive. Is it OK to use 60% good ammo and 40% reload during the break-in period of 500 rounds? Thanks.... :)
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    my M9-A1 has just over 650 rounds, I only shot about 250 rounds of factory ammo...

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    If you're an experienced reloader, just make sure you chamber-check or gauge your reloads before you try shooting them. Steyr chambers are relatively tight. I've had factory ammo that wouldn't chamber (Remington-UMC yellow box) because it was too big. OTOH, my handloads work fine.

    If you're reloading brass that has been fired in a Glcok, you really need a Lee Factory Crimp die.
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    it totally depends on the load. if you use powderpuff loads it can take longer.

    what do you have availible for reloading componets?
    what are the prices like over there?
    what do you load with?

    nice medium burning powder will do great for breakin. keep the charge to max or short -.2gr. can go lighter once the springs are worked in.

    few rounds with max loads of hodgdon longshot will give the gun a good workout.
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    Welcome kabayan.
    Mine is 200 rounds of FMJ then the rest is copper plated reload.