American AUGs off to Rough Start.

Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by ministerofdeath, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. babj615

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    Thanks for the Info Minister......

    I am in line to get one of the TPD AXR's..... and en email they sent me this weekend stated they expected to start delivery in November....

    I am awaiting further instruction from them at this time, and will keep everyone informed if I learn more....

    I sure do hope they have better product than MSAR....

    :? :?

  2. bpjunkie

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    whats the problem?

    just curious, whats the defect?
  3. BulletBait

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    Repeat after bullet,
    Never buy a first run gun, never buy a first run gun,......

    Typical really.
    Does anyone remember the trouble and delays RobArms had with the XCR?
    How about the fact that the FN FNP45 is now due in December instead of last month?

    Let others be the guinea pig.
    Very rarely is the first run better than the later stuff.
    A notable exception is the Dan Wesson 1911s, the first ones were practically hand made one offs and sold for a song.
  4. Netfotoj

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    I've been wondering what happened to that new FN 45? Promises, promises. Saw it listed in a gun annual for 2008 products for $360. Gotta be a typo or just plain wrong price. Surely it won't be cheaper than the FNP9 or FNP40.

    Oh well, I've found a hi-cap .45 which ironically is almost exactly the above quoted price, a Llama .45 IX-C. Soon...
  5. BulletBait

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    Sounds like they forgot to add $100.

    :lol: your new avatar :lol:
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    I handled an MSAR STG 556 (really short, I guess Para version) rifle today at the Nation's Gun Show in Chantilly VA.

    I was impressed, but I did notice the spring on the bolt hold-open latch was pretty weak, and VERY exposed. My friend thought it looked like it could fall out by itself. However my overall impression of the rifle was that it was a nice solid piece. The optics were nice too, with good eye relief and I could get a very comfortable cheek weld on the stock. If they cost closer to $1000 I'd consider getting one, but $2000+ is way out of my range!