Am I undstanding the trigger/sear/reset?

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  1. ChillyWilly

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    okay so looking at the parts sheet this is what happens, right?

    Pull 18, which unlocks 17
    continue pull of 17 which moves 16
    16 pushes 10 back which slips off of 11
    10 drops allowing 43 to spring forward and ignite a charge
    the charge/cartridge cycles the slide back
    as 12 pushes 10 up it slips back over 11 and locks back in place
    while 43 comes to rest behind 10 again

    Watching the action it seems that the creep is the moment the lip of 10 slides on 11 before coming completely off. Or am I missing something?
  2. babj615

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    6 of 1, half dozen of the other......

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  3. ChillyWilly

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    Okay, I corrected the above sequence to show what actually happens, I had the interaction of 16, 10 & 11 wrong but it has now been corrected.

    Now as to the final bit...."Watching the action it seems that the creep is the moment the lip of 10 slides on 11 before coming completely off."

    So my idea is to make sure there is a nice sharp edge on 11 so that off is off, no in between and to shorten the lip of 10.

    My question is what are the possible side effects of doing this?
  4. bigtaco

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    excellent observation.

    the key with those two parts interaction is that they can slide freely.

    polish the top of the post by dragging it across the sandpaper and following the arc already cast in the part. polish the face of the post by puushing and pulling it up and down, not side to side. then break the edge. just drag the crisp edge across the paper so that the corner gets a slightly rounded profile.

    nothing visibly round. just a few strokes so that there is no sharpness to the edge.

    you'd do the same thing for the sear. the little ledge hanging off of the front of the sear needs the most attention. put a piece of sandpaper on the edge of your mirror and polish this ledge by pulling the ledge off of it in much the same way that it falls off of the post when in use. lubing the sandpaper with rem-oil will help.

    when you're all polished up, break this edge too. simply pull the sharp corner across the sandpaper to knock off any burrs.

    DO NOT go all crazy and try to make these parts round. you want crisp, which means a sharp corner. by lightly breaking the edges, you're eliminating any friction.

    make sense?
  5. ChillyWilly

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    Okay so the creep is almost 100% gone 90% of the time ???? Sometimes it feels as though it is nothing and then after a few pulls it reappears for maybe 1/2 a mm, then it disappears again. I am hoping that with some time to wear in a little more that it will all but disappear.

    Now the problem is the pull, it feels a little on the heavy side. You mentioned adjusting spring #13 to a 90 degree angle which I did and it made a tiny tiny bit of a difference. Would pushing the envelope a little more be dangerous? Say maybe 80-85 degrees?