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Your rifle sounds like a Model M II Professional, but could be a Model III, mid 1990s.

I own an MIII with green Cycolac stock in .30-06, with set triggers., the last of the Model M Professionals, before the SBS 96.

First, the scope mount screws are not the standard 6-48 screws used on most rifles, both USA, UK and Europe, but metric. I can give you the thread, but they are not long, and you are unlikely to find them, so it is best to order them from a Steyr dealer. i replaced the Leupold bases on mine with Warne, and am now using a Burris FFII 3-9x40 Ballistic Plex scope in Warne rings on it. I started with a Minox Z3, but moved that to a Steyr SBS .308.

The magazines are still made. Best to order one from MidwayUSA or Brownells, or from Steyr.

The triggerguard and magazine housing have two places with tend to crack, around the screws. I am working on a replacement for them in a much stronger plastic. In the meantime, glue yours with JB-Weld epoxy.

The Steyr SSG and Model M Professional were the first synthetic stocked rifles sold by a major manufacturer. Cycolac is a form of ABS, and is very stable. It is used to make plastic instruments, like levels for carpentry. I still have a perfectly good Sears Craftsman level in Cycolac, purchased in 1974. JB Weld will fix it, too, but you are unlikely to break the stock for a while. This is what car bumpers are made of.

I am working on a new stock for the Steyr M Professional and the SBS in a special carbon graphite reinforced plastic, which weighs half as much as the factory ones. I will post photos when I finish the next one. It is as light as the Tikka T3 stock.

i just started shooting various factory loads and handloads in mine, and would love to swap favorite loads with you and other owners. This is my third Steyr Mannlicher .30-06. The other one was a 1952 carbine and then a 1950 Express, which will shoot everything into a half inch group.

Yes, you have a cool rifle. Like you, I lusted after one for decades. I will probably own another one before it is over.

I have a new SBS Pro Hunter on order with factory iron sights in 7x64.
How did your new stock turn out? Would you be willing to make another one?
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