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    I am delighted with the overall design and comfort of my brand new Cloak Tuck 3 for my M9-A1, though I confess that I'm really fumble fingered when trying to use it tucked in. I'm sure that I'll get used to its little quirks. Certainly no doubt about it being a top-notch product with serious attention to detail.
    Also got a less than $50.00 classic OWB brown leather paddle holster from Masc International (made in Turkey) which is apparently very well made. We'll see how it holds up. You get what you pay for if you're lucky. Bought a nearly identical looking Cardini leather paddle holster for my Walther PPS. Priced similarly and at first blush seems to be essentially the same, though it is suede lined and the Masc is not. However, the Cardini has what I view as excess leather out horizontally from the trigger covering, which is almost like a wing. It pretty much sticks out when worn at 4:30 or so. Not true about the Masc, which holds in tight to the body. The Masc was really tight when I got it and no way I could draw without major effort. A couple of nights wrapped with two sheets of waxed paper (wax facing out) took care of the fit to perfection. I installed a retention screw on the Cardini, which was far too loose on arrival. Fine now.
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    Hey folks I'm new to our club but wanted to weigh in on that Aliengear Cloak Tuck 3.0
    I read a lot of info on gear - (Hey! I'm retired!) and decided to make this holster the first I've ever purchased.
    Up until this point my sidearms stayed on the nightstand.
    Moving to Missouri changed my thinking on that though - more to come on living in the wild west - later though
    I opened the package to see a monster of a device - I thought I was going to need new pants 2 sizes bigger just to get this thing in my pants (no jokes please)j
    I let it sit for a few days thinking No Way it could conceal a thing with my M9-A1in it - I mean how do you first conceal the holster?!?!
    I grappled it on - That is an adventure that will require practice, Pixsurguy is right about the struggle for sure!
    I jammed the pistol in and put on a shirt.


    When I turned around

    The whole thing had disappeared!

    It feels great as well - the multiple layers including a sheet of steel for one of the layers combine to generate absolute comfort

    The shell plastic is way thicker and not kydex - it's something else and is visibly better, less brittle for starters

    Anyway - This is a great holster - especially for the price

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    Hey guys,

    I have bought & absolutely LOVE your Cloak Tuck 3.0 & Cloak Mod holsters for my S9/C9/L9 SD CCW/HD weapons. However, it's KINDA CONFUSING when a customer orders from your site, as you currently offer frames for the the following:
    Steyr C-A1 (Compact)
    Steyr M-A1 (Full Size)
    Steyr S-A1 (Subcompact)

    May I suggest these changes to your model number listings to avoid customer confusion?
    Steyr S9-A1 (Subcompact 3.6" barrel)
    Steyr S40-A1 (Subcompact 3.8" barrel)
    Steyr C9-A1 (Compact 3.6" barrel)
    Steyr C40-A1 (Compact 3.8" barrel)
    Your existing S-A1/C-A1 frame fits the 4 above - change the description.

    Steyr M9-A1 (Service 4.0" barrel)
    Steyr M40-A1 (Service 4.0" barrel)
    Your existing M-A1 frame fits the 2 above - change the description to "Service 4.0"

    NEW! (well, old-new really...)
    Steyr M9-A1 SD (Full Size 4.5" threaded barrel)
    Steyr L9-A1 (Full Size 4.5" barrel)
    Steyr L40-A1 (Full Size 4.5" barrel)
    Steyr L9-A1 SD (Full Size 5.0" threaded barrel)
    Dremel the bottom lip off your C-A1 or M-A1 frame (pic) and you have a NEW frame for the 4 above!

    Unsolicited advice? I'm thinking more Cheddar for AGH ;-)

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