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    I already own an M9(love it more than my Glocks) I just bought a M40 with night sight on Gun Brookers (new in box) and was wondering if there are any after market barrel makers like KKM,JARVIS, or Bar-Sto that makes a 357Sig bbl for the Steyr. BTW, I've never had a FTF or FTE in my M9 and I've only shoot my own reloads. I don't think I've ever fired a commercal round through the M9. Here's hoping I can say the same for the M40.
    I've got a Glock 35 with all three barrels made by KKM which is neat to shoot. Was hopeing to get my hands on a 357Sig bbl to round out the team of Steyrs.
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    easy enough.
    Impule Gun Barells of austria (IGB) for short. Owners of igb had a hand co-designing some of the M series, they make the shouldr stock that mates to that gap behind the mag.

    Supposed to be a US supplier (shipping from austria is $$$) that was setting up to handle igb products, they were taking pre-orders (or at least asking what to stock) about a month ago. They also make different lengths (how about a threaded 6" SS .357 barell w. flash supressor? or compensator?)

    I know others here have their barells and can give you more detail.

    do forum search for IGB.

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    IGB barrels are fantastic shooters. Only problem is the wait time after you order one. There are currently no aftermarket barrels available in the US.