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Advise for a Steyr Newbie?

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I am a newbie here, but a "veteran" pistol shooter. Spent 4 years in the Army, and have loved shooting pistols since 1999. I have owned: Makarov, Walther P99, Taurus PT92, Kahr P9, SIG P239 SAS and HK USPC.
I recently picked up an HK USP compact in .40.
Nothing really "wrong" with the pistol, I just don't enjoy shooting it like I LOVE shooting my SIG P239 SAS in .40/.357 (gotta love the barrel swap!).
I have spent about 2 years looking at the Steyr pistols, and am considering trading this HK for one. I have a few reservations is parts availability? Is this pistol (MA1) running flawlessly yet? I remember hearing about quite a few hickups, and I can't have that in a self defense gun!
Can the .40 and .357 swap barrels?
How is the size compared to the P239? I was actually suprised at how thin the HK is...I've got "baby" hands and thin is in for me.
Finally, how is quality compared to the HK?
Any suggestions?
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Hiya CZ :)

Yeah, the M357-A1 can swap strait across with the 40SW barrel. I have had the opportunity to shoot both and the 40SW barrel has more recoil and is less accurate for me. Sounds like you like doin' the back and forth thing tho so you'll have no problems likin' the M-A1's. If ya like the P239, you'll really like the feel of the M357-A1 in your hands. :) Give us a range report after you've put a few rounds through 'er.

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