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Advise for a Steyr Newbie?

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I am a newbie here, but a "veteran" pistol shooter. Spent 4 years in the Army, and have loved shooting pistols since 1999. I have owned: Makarov, Walther P99, Taurus PT92, Kahr P9, SIG P239 SAS and HK USPC.
I recently picked up an HK USP compact in .40.
Nothing really "wrong" with the pistol, I just don't enjoy shooting it like I LOVE shooting my SIG P239 SAS in .40/.357 (gotta love the barrel swap!).
I have spent about 2 years looking at the Steyr pistols, and am considering trading this HK for one. I have a few reservations is parts availability? Is this pistol (MA1) running flawlessly yet? I remember hearing about quite a few hickups, and I can't have that in a self defense gun!
Can the .40 and .357 swap barrels?
How is the size compared to the P239? I was actually suprised at how thin the HK is...I've got "baby" hands and thin is in for me.
Finally, how is quality compared to the HK?
Any suggestions?
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You can swap 40/357sig barrels. I am in the process of buying a 357 sig barrel for my M40. I am not large man, so I like the compact sized pistols. If you can shoot the USPc you will not have any problems with the Steyr pistols. I have an HK USP45c and the Steyr is smaller. You will like the recoil on the Steyr pistols...compared to other pistols that I own in the same caliber...there is a significant difference in felt recoil. If you buy the older S/M should almost be able to get 2 Steyrs for your HK. I just had my M40 hard chromed and the finish looks just as good or better than my SS USP. If Steyr ever comes out with a 45, I will probably sell my HK for a Steyr 45.
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